Relocated from Milano to the Marche region at 21 to pursue studies in oenology I immediately fell in love with the territory and passionate about the wines it produces.

Luck, curiosity, and a dash of recklessness enabled me to work and develop in companies to this date very dear to me and well renowned both at national and international level in the wine industry.

Each of these experiences has formed part of what I today call my “saper fare”, my knowledge base.

In 2014, after few work experiences overseas, I grasped the opportunity to lease 1 hectare of vineyard from a friend in the locality of Offagna, which was planted with the historical Montepulciano vines.  From that moment the idea of focusing on a rose’ was born.

The first batch was a real surprise. After an extraordinary harvesting season which we will always treasure in our memories, we produced a wine exactly like what we hoped for: light in colour, elegant, fresh but well structured.



Our first lot consisted of 1000 bottles produced in the cellar of our friend Alessandro, we produced approximately 600 bottles of Flo’ and 400 of Corniolo. To this date I am not sure if it was luck, the novelty, or the wine itself, but the bottles sold within a few months.

The following year was the same and it was a that point that we decided to lease another vineyard.

In 2015 we purchased 3 hectares of land in the locality of Offagna: this used to an old sand mine in the 70s, which had not been planted for at least 10 years, and positioned approximately 300 m above sea level, northeast facing and with views towards Monte Conero; I immediately fell in love and thought of the white berry vine that could be planted.

Works started in 2017, sowing a typical vine from the Marche region, the Verdicchio, together with Manzoni Bianco, a cross between Riesling and Pinot Bianco which would be used to soften the flavour of the stronger local fruit. (nota – tolto marchigiano e scambiato per local grape).

In 2020 the project evolved to include “the cantina” we always dreamed of: an underground cellar for winemaking, and a wine shop to finally host the guests who will come to visit us.