Rose wine FLO’

This is where it all began; the desire to produce a rose wine inspired by the famous Provençal roses’ using the most well-known native vine from the Marche, the Montepulciano.
The versatility of these vines, which comes from a vineyard planted in 1967, has allowed Flo to obtain the peculiarities that it is known for; a light pink colour (nota tolto simile alla cipria perche’ in inglese e’ un dire che non si una ne suona bene), a delicate flavour of bush strawberries, a mineral taste, and a pleasantly rounded and lasting flavour (nota oppure puoi usare persistent invece di lasting flavour.)
Its name is in honour of a horse which lived in the acreage where now the Magia vines are planted. Its name was Flora and she kept us company eating grass and in return feeding the land. She now lives happily in a small agistment near Offagna.